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Established in 1989 in Wroclaw

Company producing high quality menswear.
The Norwegian Olympic squad during the Winter Olympic Games in Allbertville and Lillehammer were wearing our products. We specialize in the production of suits, jackets and trousers based on the unique technology of the traditional tailoring using natural tailor’s linens and high quality accessories. Numerous elements in our products are handmade. In the area of suits’ production, we have cooperated for several years with the German company Regent. We work in the “ready to wear” and “made to measure” system. We guarantee high quality products and a very good service.

about the fabrics…

Twins persists in searching for the most precious fabrics. Except for the already known and highly valued super 150’S, super 160’S or super 180’S Obsesion, the collection is distinctive for the return of heavier worsted fabrics ”grossbred”, meticulously finished and presented, from multicoloured stripes, de galles, pied-de-poule check, to homogenous blends.

Softness of the saxony type fleece, patterns including wide tennis type stripes, as well as macrochevron in lively, pastel colours and precious mixtures of cashmere, cotton and silk presented in such an untypical version like Harris Tweed or Shetland.

about the designs…

A novelty suggested in the collection is a single-breasted suit with 2 or 3 buttons,

with elongated and pointed lapels – rever punta a lancia – and a suit with an indispensable waistcoat. Extremely crucial is the return to the authentic tailoring based on the classic technology using natural tailor’s linen exclusively, a bemberg lining fabric and natural horn or pearl buttons. Jackets with untypical insides, finished up with a semi-lining, “camicia napoletana” type of sleeves, numerous handmade finishing elements (buttonholes, backstitching). Lightness and softness reserved for the casual, sport style rather than the formal one – designs for the daily usage made of velvet and fustagno. The return to the casual type of coats in the autocoat version with quilted lining.

about the colours…

English country colours

– all shades of green – salvia, papaya; yellows – terra di Siena, Senape mustard, up to the bronzes and dark blues – accompany the sport and casual part of the collection to a greater extend.
Colours within the man – businessman group include mainly royal blue, all shades of bronze with a lively contrasting pattern. Traditional grey shades are reserved for the more elegant part of the collection, where you can find silvery tennis type stripes and silky weaves. Black and white colours dominate in the evening part of the collection.

Recent Projects


„Wielcy szanowni panowie, pragnę podziękować za obdarowanie mnie po raz drugi pięknym garniturem. Przez lata kupowałem w dobrych sklepach amerykańskich ubrania, ale żaden nie był tak dobrze skrojony jak te, które wyszły z warsztatu Twins. Żałuję, że panowie znowu odmówili przyjęcia zapłaty, bo nie będę mógł w przyszłości zamówić kolejnego. Nie zamawia się prezentów.” JNN


TWINS sp. z o.o.

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